Believe What You See and Hear

I’ve gotten out of some close calls thanks to a quick psychic phone call. Before I started making calls to a psychic, I would have all kinds of bad luck. The psychic changed that by helping me know when danger lurks in my future. I call the psychic once a week to talk about the events of my life and learn about things that may be happening. It may be hard for someone to swallow the idea of a person being able to predict what happens in their life, but once they see it for themselves, they quickly become a believer.

I successfully convinced one of my friends to call the psychic. My friend was always a skeptic of psychics and thought they were on the same level as magicians. It wasn’t until the psychic predicted things in my life that my friend started to believe that there might be something to the predictions, and wanted to see what would happen in his own life. The psychic told him that something bad would happen to him, but then something good would happen soon after, and he became a little bit paranoid. He didn’t want to go anywhere except to work and to the store to buy food.

While at the store buying food, my friend was getting ready to head to the checkout line, but dropped a jar of pickles. He had to get another jar from the aisle and get back in line. Once he made his way back to the line, it was longer. When the cashier finally rang him up, she told him that he was the 1,000,000th customer, and he had won a cash prize of $1,000. The bad event that happened to him wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be, while the good event was even better.