I Decided to Move in with Julia

I have sort of figured out that it makes sense for me to move in with Julia. When you look at the financial part of it, that makes all the sense in the world. I had a roommate last semester, so my rent was about three hundred and twenty dollars a month after I split it with him. He is gone, leaving me on the hook for the last month in total. At any rate Julia is not paying rent, her father pays and she has plenty of room. Of course her bathroom is filled with natural bath bombs and seemingly thousands upon thousands of other things. I had all of my stuff in a little shaving bag, about the size of a shoe box. I went in there and tried to find a place to put it, but there was not any space that I could find. Eventually I got a hook and hung the bag on it. There just was no other place that I could find. So I have been taking my stuff out of it every morning and every evening and then putting it back in.

It is not so bad as I feared it would be, obviously any problems that I have are really off set by the way that I have benefited. In particular I am able to do pretty much what I want. If I want to get a piece of pizza from the deli on the corner, then that is not a big deal. In the past I had to sweat stuff like that since I was paying nearly all of my income in rent. It is a fine thing to be able to do stuff like that if you want to and not have to be concerned that you would be broke in a few days.