A New Home for Us

My fiancee Jenny and I have been together for five years. we are practically soulmates. We met all the way back in college. I fell in love with her on first sight. We plan to get married soon in the future. Currently, we both live at home with our families. It is crowded at my parents house. I know Jenny and I would not be comfortable there. Jenny’s house is also crowded. We both came to the conclusion that we want our own place. Last week, we looked for apartments in Tampa. We think we might have found our perfect place to start a new life.

There are certain things that Jenny and I want in an apartment. One important thing is the neighborhood itself. We want to live in a neighborhood that has safe streets and a low crime rate. I want my future wife to feel safe and have a piece of mind. I do not want to worry about crooks and thieves entering my home unannounced. We also want a place that has on-staff security and a perimeter gate around the apartments. I think the security will be useful to keep undesirable people away form residents.

Location is also a major factor. Jenny and I both work in the downtown Miami area. We want a place that is not too far away from our jobs. It would be very convenient that our future dream place did not require use to make a great journey just to get to work.

Another factor that is important is the price of the rent. We recently graduated from college and we are on a limited budget. We cannot afford to live high on the hog. We have saved our money over the years. We want a high-quality place for us to live. I do not think that is too much to ask for in life.

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