Finding the Right Apartment Was Easy

Have you ever just looked at a picture and just felt so right about it? That is how it was for me when I was looking at apartments for rent in Asheville NC. When I came across Parkway Crossing, I just knew that it was the place for me, and that was just by looking at the pictures of it. The buildings looked really nice, but it was the actual grounds that drew me in. There are so many trees there, and someone took the time to plant flowers everywhere. It looks like a slice of paradise, and I knew that I wanted to learn more about it.

I liked everything that was available with the apartments too. I liked that there is central air and heating, and that I can have a washer and dryer right there in the apartment. I have lived in several apartment buildings, and I have always had to use a community laundry room. There is also a garbage disposal, ceiling fans, and the walk in closets are just amazing. The floor plan showed me the exact layout, and I really liked everything that I saw.

The next thing I did was learn about the town that was right around the Parkway Crossing apartments. I was slightly familiar with it, but I wanted to know everything about the area if I was going to commit myself to living there for at least a year. By the time I was done learning, I knew that I was going to stay there much longer than the year’s lease required. The day I moved in was beautiful outside, and I got to meet a few of my neighbors then. Two even helped with some of the heavier items, and I knew then that I had definitely made the right choice.

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