Finding the Right Balance of Internet Marketing for Edmonton

When we were looking for a company to help us with marketing our online business, the one thing I wanted was that they would not be also trying to build up the businesses of my competitors. I never felt comfortable with an Internet marketing company learning all about us and also doing work for a major competitor. When I began to look for Internet marketing for Edmonton, I found a company that does have a non-compete policy. I was intrigued immediately. That is a tough thing to do and stay profitable. You are basically limiting your customer base in order to keep one customer happy. We have a couple of direct competitors right here in the city where we operate. The company with the non-compete policy said they would take us as a client and not do any work for the other competitors in the city where we were at.

That was the first step in choosing an Internet marketing company. When we looked for for Internet marketing for Edmonton, we also wanted a company that could do website maintenance and custom web development. We really needed a marketing company that could do it all. When we would run a new ad campaign, we did not want several companies handling the details. We wanted our marketing company to develop the marketing plan and implement it on our domains. They had to make it streamlined to look great on any device too.

It was really nice to find a company that could do implementation as well as development of marketing ideas. They handle everything from the graphic design to the photography and even our social media outlets. We can just keep on concentrating on developing our products and other things that generate revenue streams for our company. To have an in-house team that did all that our marketing company does would cost us a fortune. It is nice to have access to such a team and not have them need to be employees of our company.

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