I’m Not Sure if People Notice the Lashes

In the middle of a dinner party, the eyelash extension that I wore on each of my eyes fell off. I couldn’t figure out where they went and I didn’t have any spares, so I just rubbed my eyelashes clean and continued on with the party. No one noticed that the lashes had fallen off, so I guess it really didn’t matter anyway, but those were the only pair of lashes that I had, so I had to find some more. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find any at the store where I normally buy them.

My only option was to buy the extensions online. I knew the exact size lashes that I needed from the previous ones that I bought. I assumed that the same size carried over to other brands, but there was a possibility that they didn’t. Sometimes with clothes and shoes, companies have sizes that don’t always match the numbers associated with them. I’ve bought small shirts from one company and medium shirts from a different one. The companies could easily just follow one size standard, but they insist on making things harder for the consumer who just wants to buy an item that fits.

As soon as the new lash extensions arrived in the mail, I applied them to make sure they fit properly. If the didn’t, I would have to return them and get another size. The lashes fit perfectly, and I receive some more glue as a bonus for ordering th lashes. I probably should have ordered more than one set, just in case I lose them like I did the other ones, but I’m not going to be wearing them out anytime soon. I want to wear them around town for a day just for fun, to see if anyone actually notices when I’m wearing them, like at the party.

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