Using Video to Train Our Customer Service Representatives

We started years ago renting a small office in a shared-use building in Singapore to have an Asian arm of our company. Now we have a much bigger office, and we are using corporate video production in Singapore to promote our business and develop training materials. We work with a company that has studio space in Toa Payoh, so it is not too far from where our corporate offices are located. We do a combination of shooting at their studios and at our offices and production facilities. The main reason we produce so much material on video is to help our employees in Singapore understand the mindset of our American customers that many of them deal with on a daily basis.

If you are a citizen of the United States, you understand that we are truly in a global economy. You also are probably frustrated with customer service with any company that has foreign offices. You probably have reached the point of wanting to pull your hair out when trying to deal with outsourced customer service for a company. Fortunately, we do not do that. Al of our customer service people have direct understanding in the development, production and any issues with our products. We will make it right on the first call a customer has. That is what we do. No passing the buck or needing to speak to a supervisor. Our video training materials really get into the background of what is on the minds of American consumers who are reaching out for help with one of our products they purchased.

Our Singapore office handles all the customer service for our global customers. We have specialized training for representatives who speak multiple languages, and we find that most of our employees speak English flawlessly. When you call, you would not even know you are speaking to someone here. The corporate video production in Singapore that we use really gives an in-depth and immersive experience to our reps in training who will be interacting with our American customers especially. It has really given an edge to our company in the customer service we provide that excels over our competitors.

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