We Found Our Dream Home in Denver

My husband and I first got a luxury apartment when we moved to Denver because it just seemed the most convenient thing to do. We both knew that we might not stay there for more than a year or so, so it was a nice surprise when he was given a permanent position there. We stayed in our apartment because it was home to us by that point, but that all changed last year when I became pregnant. One of the first things that we did was look at real estate in Denver CO.

Both of us have memories of good childhoods. We both grew up in the same town even though we didn’t know each other too well back then. His parents had a nice house for his family, and my parents raised me and my two sisters in a ranch home with an acre of ground. Because of this, we both wanted our own children to have the same kind of upbringing. We wanted them to be able to walk out the front door and have a yard to play in rather than a hallway that was shared by dozens of other apartment dwellers.

We wanted to find a nice home that had at least an acre of ground, and it was easy to do a search for just that. We also wanted at least four bedrooms because we knew that we were going to add to our family quickly, whether through another pregnancy or an adoption. Our realtor helped us find a four bedroom, three bathroom family home situated on nearly 1.5 acres of land. As soon as we saw pictures of it, we both knew that it was what we wanted. We went and looked at it in person and made an offer on it the same day. That was last year, and now we are living here!

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